Hidden Falls Estate Naturals Process

Rs. 490.00

Tasting Notes - Tamarind, Fig and Juicy body || Roasting Profile- Filter (Light Roast) || Varietal-  SLN09 || Altitude- 1400 MASL || Process - 48 hr Anaerobic Process || Harvest Year - 2021

This Microlot coffee again comes from Yercaud. A secretive waterfall having its own grotto is perfect description of the estate. Handled by Mr. Navin, his sporting background speaks high of the commitment towards quality. No wonder this coffee won the "Best Arabica Coffee in India 2017".

Selectively harvested coffee and gently processed using a special dual method combining dry fermentation and anaerobic fermentation of the coffee cherries. All their coffee is shade grown on mountainous slopes amongst exotic fruit and spice trees which gives the coffee it’s unique and distinctive flavour.

We would be roasting the first batch on Thursday - 18th November 2021


Rs. 490.00