Ratnagiri Estate Orange Fermentation Honey Process - 2023 Launch

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Tastes Like - Tamarind Like, Light Bodied and Bright Acidity || Roasting Profile - Filter ( Light Roast ) || Altitude- 1350 MASL || Process -  Orange Fermentation - Honey Process  || Varietal - SLN 9 ||  Producer Name - Ashok Patre || Harvest Year - 2022-23 || 100% Arabica 

About the Estate

Ratnagiri Coffee Estate is owned by the Patre family. They have looked after the farm since 1927 and have done exceptional things in the field of coffee and different processing techniques. Ashok Patre, the owner of the estate has been involved in the estate since his childhood. His love and zeal to work on a coffee farm is a pleasure to watch. 
Coffee Roasters Note ~
This coffee and the process are super special. We have profiled this coffee to be a filter roast. We have found that this coffee when dropped at a lower temperature and a comparatively lower intensity, allows us to create the optimum environment for the coffee to develop a bright, acidic cup with a light body. This coffee is suitable for both hot and cold manual brewing methods and it has the tasting notes of Tamarind like, Bright Acidity and Light Body.

Muthu - Core team Member Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Rs. 650.00