Ratnagiri Estate Orange Fermentation Naturals Process

Rs. 740.00

Tastes Like - Orange Peel, Rounded acidity & Dried apricot || Roasting Profile - Filter || Altitude - 1350 MASL || Process - Orange Fermentation Naturals || Producer Name: Ashok Patre ||  Harvest Year - 2023

At Corridor Seven, we create coffee experiences that stand out. Our journey with the Ratnagiri Estate Orange Fermentation coffee is a testament to that belief. 

It all began with a trip to Ratnagiri Estate, known for its exceptional coffee cherries. Partnering with Mr. Ashok Patre, we set out to capture the essence of Nagpur oranges. These oranges, a symbol of our home in Nagpur, were taken to Chikkamagaluru, infusing our coffee-making process with a touch of our roots. In Chikkamagaluru, our team embarked on a unique fermentation process. We divided the coffee cherries into three fermentation tanks. Hand-squashed Nagpur oranges were mixed with the cherries, and the blend was sealed with CO2 for 72 hours. This careful process ensured that the flavors of the oranges and cherries melded perfectly.

The result is a coffee like no other. The aroma blends the scents of coffee cherry and fermented orange, promising a taste experience that is both refreshing and captivating. Our latest batch of Ratnagiri Estate Orange Fermentation coffee is now back in stock, ready to captivate your senses with every sip.

Roasters Note - 
This coffee is close to heart and a result of continuous R&D over past 3 years. This collaborative approach was further processed in 3 ways, one of which was Naturals. Roasted to be a Filter Roast,  this coffee was roasted for a shorter duration with a comparatively lower charge temperature. With tasting notes of Orange Peel, Rounded Acidity & Dried Apricot, this coffee tastes the best when brewed using a Pour Over.

Rs. 740.00