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          Vienna Roast

          Tastes Like- Smoky, Dark Chocolate and Long Finish || Roasting Profile- Espresso ( Dark Roast ) || Varietal- Catura, SLN- 795 || Altitude- 1260MASL || Process- Washed Arabica || Harvest Year- 2021-22 || Location - Chikmagalur Welcome to the dark side of coffee! Well in all honesty we dont judge and believe to each their own. Frankly any Coffee Roasted this dark shall taste the same since the sugars get caramelized to an extent that you shall find Smoky - Toasty - Roasty notes. People love it and we love you legends.

          Rs. 415.00 – Rs. 1,380.00 Select optionsSelect options

          French Roast

          Tastes Like- Ashy, Burnt Wood & Dark and Super Bold || Roasting Profile- Espresso Profile ( Dark Roast ) || Varietal- Catura || Altitude- 1260MASL || Process- Washed Arabica || Harvest Year- 2021-22 || Location- Chikmagalur  || 100% Arabica It just gets Darker here now. A few degrees darker than Vienna profile. We stretch this coffee beyond the 2nd Crack ( what is a crack in coffee - blogs up soon here) Also a few seconds longer and we might get fire in our drum! So we be real careful ;) Further roasting after 2nd crack carbonizes some of the fibers in the coffee beans leading to a charcoal kind of flavour.

          Rs. 415.00 – Rs. 1,380.00 Select optionsSelect options

          Ratnagiri Estate Washed Process

          Tastes Like - Plum, Brown Sugar and Green Apple's Dryness || Roasting Profile - Espresso ( Medium Roast ) || Varietal - Catuai || Altitude - 1350MASL || Process - Washed || Harvest Year - 2021-22 || 100% Arabica  This process has made this bean complex yet smooth on the palate. The drying on raised beds has ensured that this coffee receives even drying. We loved both the espresso ( a lungo / long shot) and also a pourover + inverted aeropress.  

          Rs. 690.00 – Rs. 1,150.00 Select optionsSelect options

          August Rush

          Tastes Like- Prunes, Soft Finish and Toasted Almonds || Roasting Profile- Espresso Profile ( Medium Roast ) || Varietal- SLN 795 & SL9 || Altitude- 1450-1524 MASL || Process- Blended || Harvest Year- 2021-22 || Location- India (various parts) || 100% Arabica   This is our in house blend that we have been working with for a long while now!Deciding it is time that this needs to be up and running for you all :) It is something that will suit real well to for the café owners as the daily driver.

          Rs. 460.00 – Rs. 1,490.00 Select optionsSelect options