Baarbara Estate Pineapple Fermentation Process - 2022 Launch

Rs. 640.00

Tastes Like - Pineapple, Coconut Water and Apple || Roasting Profile - Filter ( Light Roast ) || Altitude - 1524 MASL || Process - Pineapple Fermentation || Harvest Year - 2022 || 100% Arabica

One beautiful coffee this one is! We had cupped this long back and are so excited to launch this microlot in our portfolio.

Our relation with the estate goes back to the days when our founder (with literally no money) hopped on to bikes and travelled to this estate just to establish a strong direct, and transparent bond.
This Microlot coffee comes from Baarbara Estate. The fermentation process is done with pineapple and coffee cherries in huge fermentation tanks. Its unique fermentation process roasted on filter profile accentuates all the flavours from it.

We shall be roasting the first batch of this lot on Thursday, 15th September.

Rs. 640.00