Rs. 2,000.00

Thinking of a gift, that’s evergreen? We’ve carefully curated these handmade, heart made gift boxes for you from scratch. This one comes with the following :-

A sampler set of 3 different coffees, which are from three different estates in India as well as three different roast and have varied flavour profile.

We’ve also made you a “How to brew guide” so you can make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

There is a sketchpad included for you to go all out creativity. 

It has a Handmade Coffee Aroma Candles, made with our Freshly roasted coffee, that smell divine and also relieves stress. And a little souvenir from us, with a test tube showcasing different roasting levels in Coffee. 

We have also added a Coffee Liqueur Mixer to sort out for all the house parties