Kerehaklu Estate White Honey Process - 2023 (Bridal Veil)

Rs. 670.00

Tastes LikeOrange, Brown Sugar & Ice Apple

Roasting Profile - Filter ( Light Roast )

Varietal - Arabica Selection 5B 

Altitude - 1120 MASL

Process - White Honey 

Harvest Year - 2023

Brix - 24

Producer Name - Pranoy Thipaiah

100% Arabica

We at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters have been on a journey to take Indian Coffee to global heights. We strive to continue exploring and empowering Indian Coffee with new experimentations and processes.
This season is about strengthening our cords with our current estate partners and also about exploring new coffee estates.
Presenting our first coffee of Season 2023:

Kerehaklu White Honey ( Bridal Veil)

The process used at Kerehaklu Estate for this harvest is "White honey" process. It is a unique
 method as the coffee is fermented on raised beds while drying rather than in a barrel or a closed chamber. The coffee cherries are fermented for 31 hours and dried for 17 days, where they were raked at regular intervals. Shortly after drying, the mucilage is washed away and the coffee bean is dried. This coffee is very well balanced and have lingering sweetness to it.


Rs. 670.00