Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters


Roasting Profile- Espresso

Varietal-  SL-9

Altitude- 1140 MASL

Process- Washed Process

Brix- 23.5

Tastes Like-  Toasted Almonds, Milk Chocolate and Full bodied

Harvest Year- 2020-21

Meeting the producers was a pleasure. This estate in a very quick time has worked beautifully across globe. Both social media presence and the work they are doing.

About the coffee-  The coffee is Chemical free and the agriculture practices are scientific. This Coffee is Selectively harvested with only ripe cherries allowed to ferment in the covered vat ( “concrete tiled tank”) for 8 hours before pulping to encourage microbial activity pre-processing. It is further vatted for fermentation . It is Fermented via Anaerobic method for 14 hours with agitation.

When Mithilesh (our founder) bounced the idea of "Profiling sessions" with all estate partners everyone was super excited and so was Pranoy -the now main man behind this estate a 5th gen producer!! Our very first episode is with Kerehaklu estate and are we excited!!

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