Kudiraipanjan Estate Carbonic Maceration Process

Rs. 530.00

Tasting Notes - Pear, Sweet honey and lime finish || Roasting Profile- Filter ( Light Roast ) || Varietal-  SLN09, 5b || Altitude- 1400 MASL || Process - Carbonic Maceration || Brix- 20-22 || Harvest Year - 2021

One beautiful coffee this one is! We had cupped this long back and are so excited to launch this microlot in our portfolio.

Once the ripe cherries reach the required brix level they're selectively hand picked by trained hand pickers & washed in water tanks to sort the light beans, dust, foreign material etc. Once the cherries are ready they're taken to a specially designed fermentation barrels in which the coffees are seal without oxygen environment & CO2 is infused inside for upto 72 hrs with careful ph & temperature readings.

Rs. 530.00