• Kudiraipanjan- Lactic Honey
  • Kudiraipanjan- Lactic Honey
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Kudiraipanjan- Lactic Honey

Roasting Profile- Filter

Varietal-  SLN 09, 5B  Chandragiri. 

Altitude- 1400 MASL

Process- Lactic honey

Brix- 22

Tastes Like-  Apples , Hazelnut and dried cherry

Harvest Year- 2020

 We bring you a very unique process that shall surprise you and make this coffee as your regular go to!

When the ripe cherries reach the required brix level  they're selectively hand picked and  washed in water tanks to sort the floaters and foreign material. Also selectively sorting the over ripe & under ripe.

Once the cherries are ready they're taken to the fermentation barrels in which they are fermented upto 48 hrs done & after they're de-pulped through pulpers & again taken to the fermentation tanks with some additional lactic yeasts. After the required ph level the beans are taken directly to the drying yard without washing.

According to the temperature & humidity they're dried with various patterns of uv covered zone  sun light and it takes about 20 days to dry & reach the required level of 11 - 11.5

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