Ratnagiri Estate Carbonic Maceration Process

Rs. 640.00

Tastes Like - Tangerine, Ripe Banana and Juicy Body || Roasting Profile - Espresso || Altitude - 1310MASL || Process - Carbonic Maceration  || Harvest Year - 2022 || 100% Arabica 

Mr. Patre K Shivappaiya, grandfather of Mr. Ashok Patre planted this farm at the beginning of the 20th Century. Today his legacy is well looked after by his grandson Mr. Ashok Patre, making Ratnagiri Estate one of the top of the line coffee farms in India producing some of the finest Indian Specialty Coffee.

Introducing - Carbonic Maceration Process, The green coffee beans once depulped are fermented in presence of CO2. The unique element of this process results to a very complex cup of flavours. 
Ratnagiri literally means Pearl Mountains, and the silver oaks that tower over the richly flavoured shade grown coffee give the hills a silvery hue explaining their name.

Rs. 640.00