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  • Riverdale Estate
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Riverdale Estate

Here is an interesting story- Our founder met the owner of Riverdale Coffee Estate when he was in Melbourne back in 2018 and since then we have been speaking with these legends and trying to get our hands on these beautiful green beans and roast & convert them into some magic! 

2019 May- Finally we get the most beautiful super nano-lot of just 120kgs to us!! We are so happy and proud that these legends told us - Corridor Seven is the first Indian Roaster with who they are sharing the work!! We call it a fruit bomb.

Roasting Profile- Filter | Varietal- SLN-9 and 5B | Elevation- 1450 MASL | Process- Watermelon Tastes Like- Jackfruit , Plums and Honey nectar | Harvest Year- 2019

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