Riverdale Estate - Carbonic Maceration Grape Fermentation

Rs. 900.00

Tastes Like - Camomile, Sous Vide Pineapple and Cedarwood ||  Roasting Profile - Filter ( Light Roast )  || Altitude - 1450 MASL  || Varietal: SLN9  || Process - Carbonic Maceration - Grape Fermentation || Producer Name -  Prakashan Balaraman || Harvest Year - 2022-23 || 100% Arabica

 Coffee Roasters Note ~

A very interesting coffee from Riverdale Estate, this coffee has been profiled to be a filter roast. This coffee developed an interesting array of flavours when we roasted it for a shorter duration, with the roast finishing shortly after the first crack. It develops the notes of Camomile, Sous Vide Pineapple and Cedarwood and tastes best when brewed on a Chemex.

Rs. 900.00