Riverdale Estate - Natural 48Hrs Fermentation

Rs. 650.00

Tastes Like -  Peach, Honey like & Rounded acidity || Roasting Profile - Filter (Light Roast) || Varietal- Sln9 ||  Elevation - 1450 MASL ||  Process - Natural 48Hrs Fermentation  ||  Producer Name - Prakashan Balaraman || Harvest Year - 2022-2023 ||  100% Arabica 

Coffee Roasters Note ~

"This coffee from Riverdale Estate is as beautiful as their other counterparts. We have been brewing this coffee on our manual brew bar, making some sweet Pour-overs & Aeropress. This coffee tastes like honey, peaches and has a rounded acidity. The roasting profile is that of a filter roast with a short development time post-first crack. This enabled us to bring out the sweet and complex flavours of the beans." Muthu - Core team Member, Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters 

Rs. 650.00