Zoya Estate - 96hrs Anaerobic Naturals

Rs. 550.00

Tastes Like - Red cherry, hints of star anise & raisins  || Roasting Profile - Filter ( Light Roast )  || Altitude - 1250 MASL ||  Varietal: Chandragiri  ||  Process - 96hrs Anaerobic Naturals  ||  Producer Name - Danish Ali ||  Harvest Year - 2022-23 || 100% Arabica

Coffee Producers Note ~

"This lot was picked towards the Mid of the season,
Chandragiri cherries were picked when they were at their optimum ripeness. They were subjected to an extended Anaerobic process, similar to Colombian coffees, tweaked to Indian conditions. The bags were rotated during the 96 hrs to get a good mixture of hot and cold fermentation, according to the Humidity and temperature. Then slow dried for 14 days."

Coffee Roasters Note ~

"Another exciting coffee from Zoya Estate. And again, we have profiled it in a way that it accentuates bright flavours.
This profile is 10 minutes long and finishes just after the first crack. This coffee develops a complex combination of flavours which allows it to be suitable for a manual brew, specifically for an Aeropress. It lets you experience the intricate notes of Red Cherry, Star Anise & Raisins."
Rs. 550.00