Our estate owners are not mere business partners but people who have a deep love for the craft of coffee plantations and a dream to see it flourish. The Patre family has looked after the farm since 1927 and have done exceptional things in the field of coffee and different processing techniques.

Ashok Patre is one of those people who had their best memories in the estate and have been involved in the process since his childhood. His love for the plantations and zeal to work at the farms is a pleasure to watch and a blessing to us coffee lovers.His earliest memory of coffee and his estate is that of a filter coffee and visiting the estate during his summer vacations. His favourite place in his estate is right on the highest point of the farm, from where he has the view of the valley below.




Pranoy, a fifth generation producer grew up in and around the estate of Kerehaklu. His enthusiasm when he talks about helping at the farms as a child is obvious. His first memory of coffee is going on jeep trips with his brother when they were youngsters. His favourite brewing method is  the Aeropress, Can’t travel anywhere  without the Aeropress he says :)
Despite the unpredictable climate changes he aims to bring the history of indigenous species to the limelight and has been very proactive in experimenting with the introduced species as well and what better way than through coffee.





Each morning the mist over the slopes of Western Ghats, settles downon the arrival of the sunlit dawn as though blessing the rich flora and fauna of the Chandra Dhrona mountain in Chikamaglur. The dampness of this unscathed mist, the 5,000 feet elevation of the mountains and the fertility of its soil nourishes the lush vegetation that nests a Coffee Plantation of high quality.






The Riverdale Estate is a super systematic and strategically planned farm, where they have a precise yet minimalistic approach to their process. Mr. Prakash's methods are very well managed and super functional. They do multiple trials and have a qualitative approach to their steps. He has an amazing hunger to maintain the quality of the products by making steps scientifically approached and polished.
Mr. Prakash and his team are a very warm group and are super expressive towards their enthusiasm for learning and teaching.
The farm is a huge area of land with beautiful sunlight and smelling like coffee cherry and jack fruit. We are proud to be the first one to source Riverdale coffee in India and the partnership is cherished deeply.





For over 100 years these farms have been producing top quality coffees and with the 5th generation producers carrying age old practices from generation to generation like it has become a high-quality family heirloom.
Their earliest memories of them as kids are of working on the pulp houses during harvest season and playing around the estate.
Kids and their kids are passing on the love for coffee in their plantation year around.
Our estate owner’s favourite spot is amidst the hidden waterfalls and lakes in his hat having a beer. They have been fighting the climate to keep producing these amazing quality coffee spreading across 1000 acres of land. Despite the variations in early ripening and dropping they are adapting and maintaining their craft.
Understanding the different tones in the coffee and experimenting with espresso is something that appeals to this producer quite a lot.