Our Partner Farms

Baarbara Estate

Each morning the mist over the slopes of Western Ghats, settles downon the arrival of the sunlit dawn as though blessing the rich flora and fauna of the Chandra Dhrona mountain in Chikamaglur. The dampness of this unscathed mist, the 5,000 feet elevation of the mountains and the fertility of its soil nourishes the lush vegetation that nests a Coffee Plantation of high quality.

These Beans epitomizes the Arabica breed of Coffee that grows under the shades of a natural blanket that spreads across the slopes. This single origin coffee of Arabica grade AA has been carefully handpicked, pulped, fermented over 16 hours and washed with pristine stream of water to be sun dried for nearly 10 days. These roasted beans have a taste that will awaken your thoughts and prepare your mind for a blissful state.

Glenfell Estate

Elevated at 1250mts / 4100 ft above sea level. Glenfell coffee is inter-planted with cloves, nutmeg and pepper vines. Heavy shade provided by a mixed canopy of trees provide unique micro climatic conditions. This estate is one of the oldest coffee estates in the country and truly has a unique flavor profile associated with it.

Nokrek Ranges (Meghalaya)

This coffee surprised us! and we are loving it. This coffee comes to us all the way from Nokrek Range, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. 

With varietals SL795 SL9 and Cauvery and completely hand picked - the organic group certification for this coffee is underway (till then we wont be claiming it to be an Organic coffee) With coffee Growing at 970MASL this one has a rounded acidity and taste which does differ from rest of the coffee growing regions in the country.