How Often Do You Roast?

We have set our roasting schedule just so that we give you your coffee super fresh and not just bag a coffee which has been lying with us for a while!!
Roasting dates- Monday and Thursday of every Week. 
All orders placed before 10am of the roasting date will be compiled together and batched for Roasting.  Orders placed after 10am will move to the subsequent roasting cycle.
On Sunday's shipping is closed hence no orders are dispatched on Sundays. 
Post roasting we let it degas overnight, then pack and ship it within 24hrs of roasting. If you ever need to expedite an order, just contact us @ and we'll do our best.

Expedited Shipping Options

Too late to realize that your coffee stock needs to be replenished? Need a package shipped faster?  You can place your order and hit us up with your order id - from there we will take it ahead. All expedited shipping costs will be determined by your shipping address and each expedited option will list the arrival date. .
If I need to expedite my order will I still receive free shipping?
Free shipping only applies to standard shipping . There maybe a nominal surcharge attached to it.

What if I want my package to arrive on a specific date?

We can't guarantee that a package will arrive on a specific date because shipping errors can occur from time to time. However, we are happy to adjust your shipping date to get as close as possible to a specific arrival time. Our standard shipping is 5-7 business days but the majority of our boxes make it to their destinations within 3-5 business days.

Why is my order shipping next week?

All our coffee is roasted to order! You order our coffee on Friday, our roasters roast the coffee on Monday and Thursday of the every week and we pack it post de-gassing. Depending on when in the month you place the order, it may seem like it takes a little while because your order will be placed into the following roasting batch shipment (so you can get the freshest beans possible) but you can always request your  to be bumped up a week by contacting us at and we will do our best to ship your order early.