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Coffee is not just supposed to wake you up. It does a lot more & so do we, through our regular coffee events.


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Corridor Seven is a passion project / backyard project that started after going through the grind of understanding hands on about Specialty coffee. Our Founder Mithilesh Vazalwar has gone through the curve of travelling all the way to our Indian Farmers , working and heading a Coffee Company in India then travelling to Australia to get his Q-Grading done as well as work with his Mentor in Chiang Mai (World Coffee Roasting Champion 2016).

Despite offers in India and Australia his heart was to start small but quality with Indian Coffee. He is also Indias first Aeropress Champion and was a Key note Speaker at the Indian International Coffee Festival with just 3 years into the coffee industry. Having spoken at TedX as well he has been a master mind behind many new cafes and Roasterys in the Country.