All your coffees are going to be roasted on ikawa legends ;)✌🏾
These are 3 uniquely-processed nano lot coffees.
Each of which is a 40 grams fruit fermented coffee from Riverdale Estate.
The response has been through & beyond the roof for Fruit fermented coffees!

It was so overwhelming that this nano lot got sold out in less than a week!
We can’t Thank you legends enough for all the love & support that you have shown us 🙌

We have added in a little surprise for you in the package ORANGE FERMENTATION IN COLLABORATION WITH RATNAGIRI ESTATE. This is an experiment with fruit fermentation which we had carried out earlier this year. 
We carried oranges right from our hometown to the coffee estate. We put freshly squeezed oranges and cherries together in the fermentation tanks and that is where all the magic happened. 
We shall be dropping this lot very soon but before that here is a 75g pack for you to try - This is on us and also here is a 30% off discount CODE for you when this Fruit Fermentation hits the website - FRUITFEST
Here are the recommended Grind Size settings with the following grinders to Tune in these coffee's to :- 
Commercial Espresso
Commandante - 8 clicks
EK43 - 1
Encore - 0

Home Espresso
Commandante - 13 clicks
EK43 - 2.5
Encore - 4

Moka Pot
Commandante - 16 clicks
EK43 - 5
Encore - 8

Regular Aeropress
Commandante - 20 clicks
EK43 - 9
Encore - 14

Cold Brew
Commandante - 27 clicks
EK43 - 12
Encore - 20

Commandante - 28 clicks
EK43 - 12.5
Encore - 22

French Press
Commandante - 31 clicks
EK43 - 14
Encore - 26
Here are some of our favourite recipes with these coffee's for a range of brewing methods : -

V60 Pour Over

Coffee : 15gms
Grind : Medium Coarse Grind
Water : 91°C
Ratio (Coffee to water) : 1:14
Brew Time : 2.30minutes

00.00 - 00.25
Pour 60ml of water in concentric circular manner clockwise and gently swirl clockwise.

00.25- 01.20
Pour another 110ml of water in the same manner and swirl 3 times clockwise.

01.20 - 02.30
Pour another 40ml of water in the same manner and tap twice.
Let it Drip.
Add 15-20 ml of hot water in the brewed beverage for more sweetness
Serve the beverage when it’s around 70-80 degrees Celsius , not extra hot


Method : Inverted
Coffee : 20 grams
Grind : Medium Grind
Water : 91°C
Ratio (Coffee to water) : 1:11
Brew Time : 2.00minutes

00.00 - 00.30
Pour 100ml of water and stir it 5 times. (4 stirs each from each side towards centre and once clockwise)

00.30 - 01.00
Pour another 110ml of water and stir 5 times same as before.

01.20 - 02.00
Put the filter cap and flip the Aeropress over a glass/server and gently press it till you hear a 'hissss' sound.
Add 10ml of hot water in the brewed beverage for more sweetness
Serve the beverage when it’s around 70-80 degrees Celsius, not extra hot