Coffee Activities

Coffee Broadway

Coffee Broadway

From the 16th through the 23rd of February, we had a series of events under the Coffee Broadway event. An event like never before. Our Legends were taken through a specially curated Coffee experience by Coffee Broadway, which gave them a deeper insight, perspective, and knowledge about coffee. Making Coffee Broadway the first of its kind in India. Having a Red Light Cupping for the first time in India, and roasting their own batch of coffee on the Probatone 5. In addition to learning how to manually brew coffee from the Legend himself Mithilesh Vazalwar, improving our sensory perception for better understanding of coffee notes, and experiencing the 3 Course Coffee, something that has never been done before in India.

Night at the Roastery

As our founder says coffee is impossible and goes through many hands. It is not just a saying but a simple line which expresses the journey of coffee. You do not get coffee beans directly, but a lot of hard work by lot of people are put into it. Starting from the farmers to the packagers to the transporters to the roasters to the brewers and finally our Legends. Night At The Roastery was one such event where we took them through the entire process from the seed to the cup. An event never ever happened before in India. As we like to say it "The night when the roastery came to life". An experience one would have never thought of before. The participants were taken through an entire journey, from sorting the green beans to getting an an hands on experience of roasting the green beans to finally cupping in a red light room first time ever in India. Performing this sensory exercise under red light makes it difficult to observe any differences in the color of the coffee grounds. These minor visual clues that can bias a person judgement of the coffee. This was the first time in India where are red room cupping was organized. Making Night At The Roastery a one of a kind event.


Manual Brewing Workshop

The ideal cup of coffee is one that has your preferred taste, aroma, and flavor. You can use any brewing method as long as it extracts the desired components that make coffee such a popular beverage. If you want to achieve a certain level of excellence in your favorite beverage, it is imperative that you acquaint yourself with the art of brewing coffee to achieve the desired aroma and taste. Coffee brewing is an art and a science in its own. This workshop was conducted by Mithilesh himself. The session was all about how manually brewing coffee can change your experience entirely. There were various manual brewing equipment's like the V60 Pourover, the Chemex, The Siphon and the Aeropress. They were taken through the entire process of how to manually brew coffee through those and how changing the variables could make a huge difference in the brewing of a cup of coffee. The participant were very enthusiastic and had a great time learning the art of manual brewing.


Sensory Workshop

We have been asked many times how the cupping process is done. Therefore, we hosted a workshop to help one become more familiar with cupping. This sensory workshop helped one improve their sensory skills and help them in better understanding off flavors and aromas in a coffee, so that you can enjoy it more. This was a 1 day workshop, where they learnt the nuances of how to improving your sensory palates, that you need to have if you wish to enjoy coffee and understand it better. This workshop was conducted to express how our sense work and how important each of them are. We had two major exercises 1. Spices - the participants were given glasses in which the spices were kept and the glasses were covered so that they couldn't see it. 2. Was with different edibles like fruits, raises, breads , etc. - the texture of the items were changed into liquids/juices. In both the exercises one or the other senses were blocked which would allow them to understand how each and every sensory organ is important in itself. The entire activity took place under the red light to avoid visual clues. These activities explained how if one of our sensory organs were blocked it is difficult to understand and comprehend the simplest of things.

3 Course Coffee

The first ever 3 Course Coffee experience in India. The event is specially curated to take you through the three courses of coffee

1. Espresso

2. Milk Based

3. Signature Beverage

The whole workshop was conducted by Mithilesh Vazalwar, the Legend himself. A one on one session between the 3 participants and him, where he explained the various textures, stories and emotions each and every cup of coffee carries with it. Melbourne In A Cup is the milk based coffee that is too close to Mithilesh. Quoting Mithilesh himself "Melbourne In A Cup is an emotion ", it indeed was. The setup of the entire event was pristine and the experience was absolutely surreal.