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Variables 101

Variables 101

Same coffee roasted in 2 different roasting systems.
This exercise took people's palate confidence a step further in the right direction. They received 28g*3 bags :- 1 coffee roasted in 2 different roasting machines and 3rd coffee was a blind sample. People had to cup the 2 and move to the blind sample to challenge their palate by identifying what roasting system it belonged to.
What's more - Cupping with Mithilesh as he pops up into the mail where he took everyone through this exercise.
The response was so overwhelming that we had to take down the link.

Here are some testimonials from people who did this activity -

"Since this was my first ever cupping session and personally enjoyed every bit of this exercise with a lot of learnings and key takeaways that I've made a note of it. Genuinely appreciate the efforts being taken by the entire team through this whole journey. You've made this complete exercise a seamless experience for someone who has just started their journey into coffee, and I believe that itself summarize the whole point of conducting this exercise i.e. if you could explain something to a layman then your purpose is achieved." - Says one of the regular consumers of speciality coffee. 

"This was such a great great experience. Really enjoyed it, got some friends over to share this experience and we all really love it. Thanks a ton for such a wonderful experience and knowledge. Really looking forward for such sessions in future!! Once a again thank a lot"  - Said by another consumer.