Melkodige Estate - 60hrs Anaerobic Naturals

Rs. 650.00

Tastes Like - Pear, Peaches & Soft finish || Roasting Profile - Filter ( Light Roast )  || Altitude - 1280 MASL || Varietal: SLN 9 || Process - 60hrs Anaerobic Naturals || Producer Name - Aveen Rodrigues || Harvest Year - 2022-23 || 100% Arabica

Coffee Producers Note ~
"We have chosen Selection 9, a varietal known for its intrinsic fruity flavour for this lot. Fully mature purple cherries with a brix content of more than 24% are selectively hand-picked and sorted visually as well by floatation to remove light and defective cherries. The washed cherries are then filled into food-grade airtight barrels and sealed to achieve anaerobic conditions. The barrels are kept in a dark and cool place to extend the fermentation to sixty hours. The pH is monitored every few hours to check the stage of fermentation, never allowing it to drop below 4. The cherries are then moved to raised drying trays and slow dried over twenty days to get the complex flavours."

Coffee Roasters Note

"New entrant to our coffee offerings, this coffee turned out to be one of our favourites. We found that the coffee developed an intricate and fruity character when roasted for a shorter duration and desirable development ratio. This coffee is profiled to be filter roast and provides optimum output on a Chemex. This coffee tastes like Peaches and Pears and has a Soft Finish."
Rs. 650.00