Riverdale Estate N - 72 Fermentation Process - 2022 Launch

Rs. 640.00

Roasting Profile- Filter || Varietal- SLN-9 and 5B || Elevation- 1450 MASL || Process- N - 72 Fermentation || Tastes Like- Mango , Delicate acidity and Guava notes
|| Harvest Year- 2022 || 100% Arabica 

In the beautiful Shevaroy Hills, Riverdale Estate has been working for more than three generations to improve the quality of its coffee plants. In the last ten years, Riverdale Estate has seen significant change because to new modern agricultural techniques including using raised beds in the African style to dry all of our coffee and a temperature-controlled storage area to keep coffee beans after harvest. 
To enhance complexity, green coffee is fermented for 72 hours in a controlled environment. The coffee starts to become more complex after 72 hours in the fermentation tanks. At 1450 metres above sea level, the plantation. resulting in the production of the N72 Natural Fermented Coffee microlot.

We shall be roasting the first batch of this lot on Thursday, 28th of July! 

Rs. 640.00