Gungegiri Estate - Honey Sundried Process

Rs. 600.00

Tastes Like - Grape juice, Light bodied, Raisins sweetness || Roasting Profile - Filter || Varietal - SLN9 || Altitude - 1350 MASL || Process - Honey Sun Dried || Estate Name - Gungegiri Estate || Producer Name -  Hamsini Appadurai || Harvest Year - 2023 - 2024 

Producers Note - 

The cherries are pulped and then fermented with their mucilage in a restricted-oxygen environment. The coffees are then slow dried on raised beds with regular aeration & consistent rolling. 

Roasters Note -  

This coffee, a honey sun dried, is complex and beautiful.  Roasted to be a filter roast, this coffee was introduced to a comparatively lower temperature and roasted with an objective to develop the complex flavours of the bean. Perfect for a drip method, this coffee boasts the tasting notes of Grape Juice, Raisin like sweetness and has a light body.

Rs. 600.00