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Why V60? V stands for cone-shape, whereas 60 represents the sloping angle of the dripper’s sides. Simple!
Depending on where and when you got into coffee, it’s likely that Hario’s V60 was the first pour over dripper to catch your eye. By now the brewer is synonymous with specialty coffee, for these reasons - dynamic and capable of producing dazzling cups of coffee,it’s easy to use & it’s really fun. It is designed to encourage delicious extractions that masterfully balance flavour clarity and satisfying body. 
Simple, clean, accessible. If you’re just getting into coffee, this is a great place to start. The brewing method is common in coffee houses around the world, produces a delicate and sophisticated cup, and doesn’t require connoisseurship to perfect.


The Hario company, founded in Japan in 1921, invented the V60 in the 1950s. Previously they specialized in heat-resistant glassware for scientific research purposes.V60's name comes from its letter V shape, which is under the angle of 60 degrees. The resulting cone was designed to hold a paper filter, had a large drip hole and the inner side of the brewer had spiral ribs, allowing the air to be released while brewing. These are the standard features of the V60. Almost nothing has changed from the original design that came to reality in 2004. It is still produced today, with the addition of other design features, manufactured with high-quality materials.


V60 is a pour over method. That means water passes through the ground coffee bed by gravity. The paper filter is slightly thinner than that of a Chemex, yielding a little more body, yet letting through many complex aromatics and solubles. It requires an attentive and consistent pouring technique to ensure all the coffee grinds get coated evenly.
The V60 has three qualities that impact its brewing ability. Firstly, its cone shape lets the water poured over flow towards its centre, for longer contact time with the grounds. Secondly, its single hole means that the flavour of the coffee can be altered by changing the speed at which the water is poured in. Finally, the cone has spiral ribs on the inside, which allows more air to escape and maximises the expansion of the coffee grounds.
This option is for those who really want to enter the rich universe of homogenous coffees, those who aren’t afraid of fruity notes, pleasant acidity, sweetness and clarity. The V60 was first introduced in ceramic and glass, then plastic, and finally metal. People use different forms of V-60 as per their liking and comfort. 
The dripper will give you a clear brew with an easily recognizable flavour profile of a particular coffee. Everything depends on the type of grounds used. You really should give the dripper a chance and let it inside your brewing bar. 


Equipment: V60 Pour Over
Coffee: 15gms
Grind: Medium Coarse
Water: 91°C
Ratio (Coffee to water): 1:15
Brew Time: 2.30min
Steps - 
00.00 - 00.25
Pour 60ml of water in concentric circular manner clockwise and gently swirl clockwise. 
00.25- 01.20
Pour another 110ml of water in the same manner and swirl 3 times clockwise.
01.20 - 02.30
Pour another 55ml of water in the same manner and tap twice.
Let it Drip.


You can find the V-60 POUR OVER in our stores as well as on our website
The Hario V60 Plastic Dripper allows you to brew coffee directly into the serving vessel in drip style. The set contains 1-4 Cup Dripper, a measuring spoon and 40 filter papers.