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 It's the new trend in coffee everyone has been raving about and guess what? We are the First Indian Aeropress Champions and also represented India at World Aeropress Championships 2017. 
It's brewed with a gentle pressure offering a clean, micro-filtered cup of coffee.
The Aeropress is an incredible coffee brewer, beloved for its versatile functionality, on-the-go portability, and rugged durability. With an Aeropress, it's easy to control all the different variables that go into making a great cup of coffee, which is why the simple brewer has become a standard piece of equipment for everyone from at-home coffee enthusiasts to competition baristas.
We love the Aeropress, and frequently use one to brew a cup of our single-origin coffees, especially when we're on the go. You can brew a drip coffee strength cup from it or you can challenge yourself with a brew that almost tastes like a shot of espresso. The possibilities are endless. It is loved by home brewers and coffee professionals alike around the world.


AeroPress is a fun and very user-friendly brew method. It was released in 2005, promising to deliver a ‘uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavor’, and has never looked back since. AeroPress is Invented by a modern day legend Alan Adler, the American inventor and founder of Aeropress Inc. who also invented Aerobie, known for setting many world records for the farthest thrown object!
AeroPress  markets itself to reduce brew time and to produce a rich tasting, complex coffee with lower acidity and without undesired bitterness. It’s comparatively affordable, very travel friendly and the best part about AeroPress as a brew method is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can brew it upright or even upside down (often referred to as “inverted”).   


The Aeropress is a hybrid brewing method that combines immersion and pressure brewing: the ground coffee is infused for a short time in hot water, then the beverage is filtered under pressure as if it were in a large syringe. 
The AeroPress is made of three parts: a cylindrical brewing chamber, a plunger with a rubber seal that fits into the brewing chamber, and a filter cap that attaches to the brewing chamber on the opposite side of the plunger.The entire AeroPress brewer, with the exception of a rubber seal, is made out of polypropylene. It is extremely durable and safe to use for coffee brewing. 
The Coffee obtained with the Aeropress is a mix between espresso and filter coffee. Experts say that it has the brightness of the espresso and the texture of filter coffee. The AeroPress is capable of brewing a full cup of coffee in less than two minutes, faster than almost every other method in existence. It also allows us to break some coffee brewing rules that need to be followed in almost every other case. 
Brewing coffee with an Aeropress is efficient, convenient and the result is a really good coffee. There are two main preparation techniques, the traditional method and the inverted method. It can make a bold cup too and at the same time a smooth fruity beverage.


Method: Inverted
Coffee: 15gms
Grind: Medium
Water: 91°C
Ratio (Coffee to water): 1:14
Brew Time: 2.00min
Steps -
00.00 - 00.30
Pour 100ml of water and stir it 5 times. (4 stirs each from each side towards centre and once clockwise)
00.30 - 01.00
Pour another 110ml of water and stir 5 times the same as before. 
01.20 - 02.00
Put the filter cap and flip the Aeropress over a glass/server and gently press it till you hear a 'hissss' sound.


You can find the AeroPress Coffee Maker- The better coffee press (It includes 350 Paper filters) in our stores as well as on our website There are championships in Aeropress and Our Founder Mithilesh Vazalwar is the first ever Indian Aeropress Champion and the first to represent India at the World Aeropress Championship (W.A.C.)