What is Direct Trade? And why do we do it?

What is Direct Trade? And why do we do it?

There are a lot of questions around the coffee trade  - What is the process of direct trade, and how is it permitting us to receive and sell premium coffee beans? Most importantly, how are the farms positively benefiting from the direct trade process? If you ask different people from a professional background in coffee what the phrase “ Direct Trade “ means, you will get different answers. 

The Basic definition of Direct trade is - A coffee trading model that offers the confidence of a stronger value chain achieved by minimizing the number of middlemen. It is often described as a tool used to enable “spit on the hand and hand shake -  coffee trade”, which is where the producer and buyer are directly connected to improve transparency, traceability, and quality. Additionally this part is a win win for both and it actively anticipates trust.

Direct trade is an approach, and not a certification to say the least.

The main idea behind our Direct Trade program is simple: if we can minimize the negative impact for our farmers, then they can focus on the variables within their control to ensure the long-term success of their farms. Adding further it also gives us utmost control of the coffee year on year - cup on cup.

As one of the very few coffee roasters to establish a Direct Trade program, Corridor Seven has long been committed to farmers who are artisans of coffee cultivation and practice their craft with dedication, skill, science & passion. The benefits at the consumer's end of the chain are undeniable—the proof is in the cup. Our customers get to drink excellent coffee produced by dedicated farmers who are paid a fair price for their product. For long we have believed in not negotiating on prices but on quality. To work on Quality coffee is non-negotiable.

We believe that there are a number of critical factors contributing to the growth of a truly exceptional coffee and that farmers are key. Therefore we believe that those who do great work should get a win-win price.

Working with producers to deliver the highest-quality coffee to our customers requires that we listen and work closely with the farmers..

We believe that a coffee farmer who grows an award-winning coffee should be given all the credit. It only develops dedication to craftsmanship, skill in production, and passion for harvest quality.

We are aware that great coffee can be produced through sustainable methods. We only work with farmers who consider the economic, social, and environmental conditions of their farms and their communities. Sustainable is not always organic, but it certainly could.

We believe that our goals are achieved effectively when the number of individuals or organizations between the coffee farmer and Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters are reduced to allow smooth and clear communication. Through our Direct Trade program, we can achieve excellent quality coffee while promoting a sustainable coffee crop.